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Our mission at Cleanoid is to provide a genuinely pleasant and satisfying car wash experience to each of our customers. Our goal is to develop a trust relationship with you, defined by honesty, integrity and fairness. Your time is precious, and we will not waste it. Your automobile is valued, and we will not abuse it. Your trust is essential, and we will work hard to earn it. Your satisfaction is our greatest desire, and we mean to provide it. If you are pleased with our services and want to return, we could have no greater reward.

Helping the environment is one of our goals.



Go Green with Dry-N-Clean Eco Car Wash


This is the environment friendly solution to clean your car, without wasting liters of water. At Cleanoid we believe in conserving the nature and minimize the use of drinkable water. Every dry car wash saves nearly 50- 60 ltrs of water. Even in the worst case scenarios (cars covered with Mud), we don’t use more than 10- 15 ltrs of water on car.

Eco car wash enhances the gloss on your car and keeps it shiny for long time. Try this service today and feel the difference.



Cars May Look Appealing Outside But What About The Inside?


Cars may look Appealing outside but what about the inside? It is equally important that we keep the interiors clean. After all, we sit inside our cars for several hours a day.

Keeping your car clean on the outside is not the only thing that is important in maintaining you car’s value. Having a clean interior can also help keep the value of your car in tact.

You should clean your car’s interior about every month to prevent dirt and grime from settling into materials. Wipe up stains as soon as they happen. The longer you wait, it will be harder to remove a stain. Always use a clean sponge or cloth when cleaning.

The interior, in particular, can get dirty quickly not just from the elements but also from dirty shoes and clothes, split drinks or food, and a number of other causes. Over time, your car may begin to smell; the leather or vinyl may dry out and become brittle; stains become eyesores; and the color of the upholstery may fade. All of these problems will impact the resale value of your car.

Merits Of Teflon Coating and Synthetic Sealant Coating


CleanoidTeflon coating is one of the latest Automation for car coating  A most effective Auto Sealant & Protection .

Teflon coating is a good-to-have Preservation , if you live at excessively Sticky Place, it becomes a must-have-thing! Teflon Coating does Defence  your car from rust, scratches and environmental paint damages.

Your vehical’s paint under continual  attack by the sun’s UV rays, industrial fall out  and acid rain. Car waxes do not provide the proper shelter  necessary  to guard against this type of damages.More of car waxes are made from marked down carnauba waxes and we all know what happens when wax get hot-it melts.Once the wax get Hot, it becomes stick  and starts attracting and holding dirt and pollution’s next to you car’s paint

Cleanoid Teflon coating and Synthetic Sealant Coating on a car will Defend the car’s painted surface. It helps guard against scratches and other destruction a car can undergo being outside all the time.


Now Days The Teflon coating is Demanding  on cars made overseas and helps keep the car clean,
so less maintenance is required. A good Teflon coat will leave your car with a new
shine and make it look great no matter what the weather conditions are outside. The
life of a Teflon coating is two to three years.

We know that your car represent your Image we offer a cost effective way to maintain your services.

Advantages Of  Teflon Coating /Synthetic Sealant Coating

  • High Gloss On Car
  • Paint Protection
  • Minor Scratch resistance
  • Restore Dull Finish Resistance

Visit Cleanoid For Top Grade Car Teflon and Synthetic Sealant Coating

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Health Hazards Of Grimmy Car


Keeping your car clean on regular basis  actually help you to protect from all Health Hazards.

Your dirty and messy car may be the breeding ground for bacteria, harboring a large amount of harmful Molds like Bacillus Cerberus and Staphylococcus, which can put the users of the vehicle at the risk of potential health problems.

Sometimes kids Split soft drinks, wet carpet left to dry “naturally” and food crumbs carelessly strewn on the seat could be home to harmful bacteria that can cause skin infections, food poisoning, severe nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

DSC_0064  dirty car

Those who eat in their car should treat it as an extension of their home and maintain the same levels of hygiene as they would in their dining room.

Its very important to clean your car because your car is not place of Garbage.

Cleanoid Provide Proper Interior and Exterior Cleaning Services  at your Door Step .We will clean every small and hidden part of your car .Cleanoid Provides Eco Friendly Services We do not waste Tank of Water in car wash and cleaning services .

Getting your car washed and waxed on a regular basis is one of the easiest ways to preserve its paint and keep it looking nice. Removing other environmental contaminants such as road salt, sap, tar and bugs in a timely manner also goes a long way to making your car’s paint and clear coat last longer.

Do Not Play with your Health .

Contact Cleanoid For Clean Your Car ,We will be Happy to Amazed you with our best Auto Detailing Services.


Professional Car Cleaning By Cleanoid



Hand over the responsibility of keeping your car in great condition to Cleanoid Car Detailing and Cleaning  Services and retain the value of your vehicle. Whenever you wish to sell your car, you can be sure it will stand above the rest.

At Cleanoid we will be providing different services which will suit to your car needs. As every car is special!!

Some of the Services provided at Cleanoid:
– Detailed internal Dry cleaning for cars
Glass treatment (first time in India) Cleanoid exclusive
– Antibacterial treatments for car cabins
– Rubbing & Waxing to give your Car or Bike new look
– Paint protection – PTFE coating (also known as Teflon coating) for Bikes and Cars
Dry Car wash (Better than a regular water car wash & saves nearly 40-50 ltrs of water in single wash)
– Bike detailing – (which includes thorough cleaning and polishing of bike)
– Alloy Shining
– Leather seats and dashboard conditioning

In Cleanoid home care segment services offered are:
Carpet Dry cleaning and shampoo
Sofa & upholstery cleaning

Cleanoid only use quality products which is Cleanoid certified and tested. Our team make sure that every product used is human and environment friendly.

Work Done By Cleanoid :-






Keep Your Car Clean Every Day With Cleanoid


Why Car Cleaning Is Important ?Cleanoid

A car is a huge investment.  Make sure you protect it by keeping both the inside and the outside shiny and clean

Keeping your car clean can actually help protect both the interior and exterior surfaces of your car from rust and damage from sun and the elements.

Make sure you clean away all contaminants that may have built up, and try to vacuum up any debris that you can see. With cleaning your car, a little bit goes a long way.

A clean car has a direct impact on its value over time and more importantly its operation love a clean car, it’s a good feeling.

Getting a regular car wash is also an important part of car maintenance and can also help to protect the exterior of your car from the damage that dirt, oil and debris can cause to your paint.

At Cleanoid, we love your cars likewise you do. Also, we love “Mother Nature” and its precious resources. Therefore, we’re here introducing the super-effective eco-friendly automobile cleaning solutions. Employing industry’s top-most brands and their products, we seamlessly clean your car in the absence of water.

Zero Wastage, No Disorder and Cleanoid will present you a Super Clean Automobile.

With a dedicated team of “Automobile Detailing and Washing” experts, we refresh your car to its core. By utilizing fine-quality branded products with our Eco-friendly washing concept, specialists at Cleanoid give a new life to your beloved automobile.

Cleanoid Provide 100% water free better that normal car wash start only at 299/-

Regular Car Washing Service at Your Doorstep By Cleanoid across Delhi NCR ,Noida ,Gurgaon .

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