Merits Of Teflon Coating and Synthetic Sealant Coating


CleanoidTeflon coating is one of the latest Automation for car coating  A most effective Auto Sealant & Protection .

Teflon coating is a good-to-have Preservation , if you live at excessively Sticky Place, it becomes a must-have-thing! Teflon Coating does Defence  your car from rust, scratches and environmental paint damages.

Your vehical’s paint under continual  attack by the sun’s UV rays, industrial fall out  and acid rain. Car waxes do not provide the proper shelter  necessary  to guard against this type of damages.More of car waxes are made from marked down carnauba waxes and we all know what happens when wax get hot-it melts.Once the wax get Hot, it becomes stick  and starts attracting and holding dirt and pollution’s next to you car’s paint

Cleanoid Teflon coating and Synthetic Sealant Coating on a car will Defend the car’s painted surface. It helps guard against scratches and other destruction a car can undergo being outside all the time.


Now Days The Teflon coating is Demanding  on cars made overseas and helps keep the car clean,
so less maintenance is required. A good Teflon coat will leave your car with a new
shine and make it look great no matter what the weather conditions are outside. The
life of a Teflon coating is two to three years.

We know that your car represent your Image we offer a cost effective way to maintain your services.

Advantages Of  Teflon Coating /Synthetic Sealant Coating

  • High Gloss On Car
  • Paint Protection
  • Minor Scratch resistance
  • Restore Dull Finish Resistance

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