Professional Car Cleaning By Cleanoid



Hand over the responsibility of keeping your car in great condition to Cleanoid Car Detailing and Cleaning  Services and retain the value of your vehicle. Whenever you wish to sell your car, you can be sure it will stand above the rest.

At Cleanoid we will be providing different services which will suit to your car needs. As every car is special!!

Some of the Services provided at Cleanoid:
– Detailed internal Dry cleaning for cars
Glass treatment (first time in India) Cleanoid exclusive
– Antibacterial treatments for car cabins
– Rubbing & Waxing to give your Car or Bike new look
– Paint protection – PTFE coating (also known as Teflon coating) for Bikes and Cars
Dry Car wash (Better than a regular water car wash & saves nearly 40-50 ltrs of water in single wash)
– Bike detailing – (which includes thorough cleaning and polishing of bike)
– Alloy Shining
– Leather seats and dashboard conditioning

In Cleanoid home care segment services offered are:
Carpet Dry cleaning and shampoo
Sofa & upholstery cleaning

Cleanoid only use quality products which is Cleanoid certified and tested. Our team make sure that every product used is human and environment friendly.

Work Done By Cleanoid :-







Keep Your Car Clean Every Day With Cleanoid


Why Car Cleaning Is Important ?Cleanoid

A car is a huge investment.  Make sure you protect it by keeping both the inside and the outside shiny and clean

Keeping your car clean can actually help protect both the interior and exterior surfaces of your car from rust and damage from sun and the elements.

Make sure you clean away all contaminants that may have built up, and try to vacuum up any debris that you can see. With cleaning your car, a little bit goes a long way.

A clean car has a direct impact on its value over time and more importantly its operation love a clean car, it’s a good feeling.

Getting a regular car wash is also an important part of car maintenance and can also help to protect the exterior of your car from the damage that dirt, oil and debris can cause to your paint.

At Cleanoid, we love your cars likewise you do. Also, we love “Mother Nature” and its precious resources. Therefore, we’re here introducing the super-effective eco-friendly automobile cleaning solutions. Employing industry’s top-most brands and their products, we seamlessly clean your car in the absence of water.

Zero Wastage, No Disorder and Cleanoid will present you a Super Clean Automobile.

With a dedicated team of “Automobile Detailing and Washing” experts, we refresh your car to its core. By utilizing fine-quality branded products with our Eco-friendly washing concept, specialists at Cleanoid give a new life to your beloved automobile.

Cleanoid Provide 100% water free better that normal car wash start only at 299/-

Regular Car Washing Service at Your Doorstep By Cleanoid across Delhi NCR ,Noida ,Gurgaon .

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